Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review: The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X

My book review is going to be over the book The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. The sense of major conflict in the story was Daniel X had to fight all these different aliens because one alien killed his mom, dad and little sister. Then he gets kidnapped by one of the aliens he as to fight. The loves and hates I have for this book are; I really liked this book. I'm really not a big reader but, I got right into it. I liked how he never gave up and he fought the aliens. There was nothing I hated about this book. I recommended this book to boys and girls, Sci-if fans and some series lovers. The reason I say series lovers is because there is a lot of series to the James Patterson's books. It isn't very long it is a pretty fast read. There isn't a lot on the pages. The structure; there is a lot of different people talking but, it is mostly just conversations.

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