Monday, November 1, 2010

Book Buzz

The book I am reading is You Can Run But You Can't Hide by Daune Chapman "dog". This book is about Dog growing up and being a drug user and going to jail after having a kid. Then he turns his life around and then starts doing drugs again. After having a couple kids he finally turned his life around and started Bounty Hunting. One major conflict in this story is when he has a kid and he has to go to jail and he gets a letter saying his wife left him and she is taking his kid. I love this book because I like having the thrill of what Dog does. I was recommend this book to girls and boys and people who like having a little thrill. This book is really not that long, but it is good in length. The structure is mostly just him talking about everything that happened in his life growing up. "Tell them I'm at work, Tell them I already left."

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  1. Just the cover of this book makes me giggle. I'm glad you liked this one!