Monday, June 14, 2010

Daniel X

The Dangers of Daniel X was the book I read this year. The author is James Patterson. The book was about this kid, His family had been killed and his dad was an alien killer. Daniel wanted to take after is father so he became an alien killer. He went around trying to find all these alien's that were on his dad's list to kill. Daniel could make is mom, dad, sister and all his friends just appear there, that is how he made is through the list and killed all of them. The most major conflict in the book I would say is his family dying. I like the book because it was thrilling. I like that is was easy to get into. I didn't like that it went back and forth in between people. I think that series lovers,boy and girls and maybe some teens. The book as a little long, but it was not that hard to read once I got into it I was ready to read all of it. There was a lot of going back and forth talking because they were having conversations but it is not that hard.

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